Leave it to Liz Personal Chef Service

Your Family Will Think You’re a Genius!

“What’s for dinner?” Ask today’s busy households and you’ll hear answers such as “fast food” or “frozen pizza.” Your schedule doesn’t leave room for a lot of extras. In fact, how are you supposed to find time to prepare a delicious, healthy dinner, or even to buy the groceries? That’s why Leave it to Liz Personal Chef Service offers Golden, Leave It To LizGenesee and Evergreen, Colorado area residents:

  • Personalized menu planning
  • Complete grocery shopping for the menu
  • Meal preparation in your home
  • Food packaged for freezing and/or refrigeration
  • Complete heating instructions
  • Fresh, hand-picked best quality meats and produce
  • Hundreds of available dishes, or your favorites prepared often
  • Meals customized for your healthier lifestyle, including low-sodium and low-fat
  • Meals free from trans fats and chemical preservatives

Imagine coming home at the end of a long, busy day. You’re tired…you’re hungry…but in just a few minutes, you’ve put a delicious and healthy home-cooked dinner on the table. And the best part is you didn’t have to do any of the planning, shopping, cooking or cleaning, because your very own Personal Chef did all the work! With Leave it to Liz Personal Chef Service, coming home can be the best part of your busy day!

Need help sticking to a diet? Leave it to Liz will customize your menus to suit your individual dietary and nutritional needs.

Request your free, no-obligation consultation to see what Chef Liz can do for you.

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Currently serving Golden, Genesee and Evergreen, CO and surrounding areas. Gift certificates are available.